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Gas/Oil engine Combined Heat and Power
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Gas Engine CHP system

CHP is the sequential or simultaneous generation of multiple forms of useful energy (usually mechanical and thermal) in a single, integrated system.

CHP systems consist of a number of individual components — prime mover, generator, heat recovery, and electrical interconnection—configured into an integrated whole.

 The gas engine used for this system drives generator to produce electricity. And the HRSG will be used to produce higher pressure and higher temperature steam for heating, cooling or hot water supplying. The jacket water heat exchanger will be used to produce hot water for heating, cooling or hot water supplying.

Gas Engine CHP System Characteristics

1.  The power efficiency for gas engine is about 40%, The exhaust gas heat loss is about 35%, and The cooling water heat loss is about 25%.

2.  The exhaust gas temperature is about 400-550, which can be used to produce high quality (high temperature) thermal output for combined heat and power applications.

3.  The exhaust gas can be used for producing higher pressure steam, or can be directly used for drying and heating of process. 

4.   Jacket water heat exchanger will be used to recover the waste heat of engine cooling system to produce low quality thermal power such as hot water for heating and cooling.

5.   The overhaul work of engine could be done on site. And the maintenance cost is higher than the gas turbine.

6.  Suitable for rang of 300KW to 8MW for CHP system.