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EGS Gas Turbine HRSG
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  Gas Turbine Fuel

        Natural Gas, COGCMGBiogas, Oilfield Gas, Phosphorus processing gas etc.

 HRSG Circulating Mode

       Nature Circulating, Forced Circulating                        

    ● HRSG Structure

      Vertical, Horizontal

    ● HRSG Model

      Dual Pressures, Single Pressure

     HRSG Parameter

             Used for Power Station

    Middle Pressure HRSG              Lower Pressure HRSG

     Steam Pressure3.9MPa            2.5MPa1.3MPa.

    Steam Temp.450                    400 300

    Used in Supply Heating of Process

       Superheat SteamSaturated Steam

       Steam Pressure≤2.45MPa

       Steam Temp.Consistency with process.

       HRSG Medium

          Superheat Steam, Saturated steam, Thermal oil, Hot water etc.