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Gas Turbine CHP System

CHP is the sequential or simultaneous generation of multiple forms of useful energy (usually mechanical and thermal) in a single, integrated system.

CHP systems consist of a number of individual components — prime mover, generator, heat recovery, and electrical interconnection—configured into an integrated whole.

   The gas turbine is used for this system to drive generator to produce electricity. And the HRSG will be used to produce higher pressure and higher temperature steam for heating, cooling and hot water supplying.

Gas Turbine CHP System Characteristics

1.      1.About 6080% heat loss for gas turbine is exhaust gas heat loss. Gas turbines exhaust gas temperature is about 400-550 which would be used for producing higher quality (higher temperature) thermal output suitable for most combined heat and power applications.

2.      2.The exhaust gas can be used for producing higher pressure steam, or can be directly used for drying and heating of process. 

3.      3.More exhaust heat power output compared with gas engine, Gas turbine suitable for more heating power requirement occation.

4.      4.Overhaul time is about 25,000 to 50,000 hours, Gas turbine has higher reliability and longer operation life compared with gas engine.  

5.      5.Suitable for rang of 1MW to 4MW of CHP system.